‘Friday the 13th’ Game: 5 Horror Titles Devs Should Do Next

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Photo: New Line Cinema

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Like Friday the 13th, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street also has an underappreciated NES game. And, like F13, there hasn’t been any video games based on the series since then. Once Jason’s game is officially in the can and on the shelves, perhaps Gun can work on getting Freddy Krueger on our small screens as well.

Freddy’s MO is obviously much different than Jason’s. He’s not the type to just show up at a summer camp and slaughter everyone. Freddy much prefers to make his young victims suffer first, by attacking them in their dreams. Adapting this into a multiplayer video game would be tricky to pull off, though it’s certainly possible.

Perhaps it can have the same 1-on-7 concept. The teen players would be trapped in his dream world, looking for a way to get out. Different ways of escape could be possible, such as finding an alarm clock or some Insta-Awake pills. But getting to them would be difficult.

Playing as Freddy could be sort of like a dungeon master at first, unable to simply attack players flat out. Freddy could screw with the teens, perhaps by triggering strange visuals to haunt them. There could be a “fear meter” which rises the more Freddy messes with their minds, and after a certain point, he could actually come out and kill them in a way he sees fit.