Twin Peaks – The Return: Something is very wrong

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Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks – The Return is the most anticipated television event of 2017. Of course, being a huge admirer of David Lynch’s work, I jumped at the chance to cover this series for 1428 Elm. So, meet me at the Double R every week for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee. 

Sundays are really becoming an event night. This time I celebrated in style while watching episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks. I treated myself to a chocolate shake. This was my subtle tribute to David Lynch who for seven years was a regular shake drinker at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA.

Trust me, the sugar rush really helped me to maintain laser sharp focus on tonight’s events. So, sit back and let’s take a trip to Peyton Place on peyote otherwise known as Twin Peaks.

Dream Time

We see Cooper falling through space and time. There are quite a few jerky camera moments and a cloud of substance like liquid smoke. Obviously, our hero is trying to make his way back to this realm.

He lands on what appears to be a balcony of some sort of stone structure. A Zen like purple sea ebbs and flows peacefully. Soon, Coop peers over the ledge at the water. Everything is hazy and very dreamlike.

Cooper notices windows and opens them. He enters into a room with a roaring fireplace. Of course, in true Lynch fashion, there is plenty of ambient noise. A woman in a bright red velvet dress with her eyes permanently shut starts interacting with him.