Twin Peaks – The Return: Something is very wrong

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Loud Noises

There are some pantomimes between the two of them. Cooper asks her, “Where is this?” and “Where are we?” Of course, she mutters something unintelligible. All of a sudden, there is a succession of loud banging noises. It is at this moment that Coop takes notice of a huge electrical socket on the wall.

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Transfixed, he starts to approach it. The girl stops him from advancing. Meanwhile, the banging noise grows more frantic and louder and louder. You get the feeling that something bad is going to happen at any moment.

The blind girl feels her way down the wall and opens a door. Coop follows behind her. They end up going on to the roof of a metallic structure in the middle of space. There is a huge furnace like object with gauges on it. This is what has been making the infernal racket.

Coop knows something terrible is going to happen and he tries to interact with the girl but she is already feeling her way around the furnace. She finds a lever and pulls it. This results in her getting electrocuted and ejected into space leaving Coop alone.

As he peers at her departing frame, the black and white face of Major Briggs (the late Don S. Davis) swims into view uttering the phrase, “Blue Rose.” For the uninitiated, this clue was introduced in the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. There are many theories as to what the phrase means but the most common interpretation among fans is that it is code for a supernatural case.