Twin Peaks – The Return: Something is very wrong

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Credit: Showtime

Two Worlds Collide

Cooper re-enters the structure and finds himself in the fireplace room again. This time the hazy, dreamy filter is removed and the room appears normal. The electrical outlet is still on the wall. The girl in the red dress is sitting on the couch. When she turns around, we see that it is Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine). Although she is credited as “American Girl.”

The girl looks at her watch. It reads 2:52 pm. At this point, we cut to a desert road and Coop/BOB driving like a lunatic. He glances at the clock nervously.

Back in the fireplace room, Cooper makes his way toward the socket. At this point, the girl utters a profound statement, “When you get there, you will already be there.” Electricity shoots out of the wall toward Cooper.

Coop/BOB is having difficulty focusing. He is speeding and weaving all over the place. In the fireplace room, the good Cooper is still transfixed with the electrical socket. The loud banging commences and the girl tells him, “You better hurry. My mother is coming.”

Then something fantastical occurs. Cooper gets sucked into the plug leaving his shoes behind. The bad Coop is still driving like a maniac. Everything in the car is turning to static. Finally, he careens off the road and the car flips over.

Somehow, the vehicle lands back on the road. Coop/BOB stares at the clock and the cigarette lighter while gagging. Billowing red curtains appear in front of him.

Just to recap briefly, there are two Coopers. Evil Cooper (Coop/BOB) and Good Cooper. Now, get ready! There is a third Cooper. This one goes by the name of Dougie Jones.