Twin Peaks – The Return: Something is very wrong

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The Good

The story line is less jumbled and is starting to take on a somewhat traditional format. Lynch is basically setting the scenes for the future dilemmas. We are clearing out the clutter so to speak and moving toward an “a-ha” moment with the disparate situations.

Episodes one and two were dark in tone. However, Lynch countermanded that with a return to the oddball humor from the original series. Most of this was evidenced in the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department exchanges and Gordon Cole’s scenes.

David Duchovny and Michael Cera’s performances were stand outs. Although their characters were eccentric, they embodied them with conviction so that nothing was unbelievable. Let me put it to you this way. Denise Bryson made me forget Fox Mulder. George Michael Bluth paled in comparison to Wally Brando. That is acting, my friends.

 The Bad

While I can appreciate Lynch’s prowess as a painter of pictures, I think the opening to episode three went on way too long. The dream sequence may have alienated some viewers who are used to conventional storytelling.

Some of the driving scenes with Jade and Cooper/Dougie could have been eliminated. Keep the essential elements and edit the rest out.

In that same vein, the gag at the Silver Mustang Casino involving Cooper/Dougie may have run its course as well. It was highly amusing but the scenes could have been trimmed just a bit without losing their effectiveness.

The Verdict

Kudos to Showtime for giving David Lynch a place to strut his stuff. Despite my comments on the length of certain scenes, this series keeps getting better and better. If you are expecting another police procedural, this is not the program for you.

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Original, inventive and visionary, viewers have to be willing to let their need- to- know- all -the- answers- in- an- hour mentality at the door.  This bit of dialogue from Albert Rosenfeld could sum up my feelings about Twin Peaks, “An absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence” and one that is worth watching!