Chucky needs help funding new Child’s Play video game


An indie developer has nearly finished coding a new Child’s Play video game, but needs our help funding the Chucky models they’ll need to finish it.

I’ll be honest — Friday the 13th: The Game has consumed my life. I tell you, if Gun Media found a way to put that game into a powdered form, I’d snort it. I need help, I know.

But my Jason obsession in no way lessens my love for the other horror franchises. In fact, I’ve already thought ahead about what other horror games we could see next. One particular video game I would love to see is one based on the Child’s Play franchise. It’s hard to believe Chucky has not had one video game over the past three decades, so the little guy is long overdue.

Several years back, Chucky actually did come fairly close. Developer TikGames had begun creating the video game Chucky: Wanna Play?, calling on backers to help fund the project. Unfortunately, the campaign failed spectacularly, and the game was never completed.

Chucky and I have very different definitions of the word “play”.

The game would have let players control Chucky, with the goal presumably to murder people in style. I’m not expecting The Last of Us here, but hacking folks up as Chucky still sounds pretty fun. But for whatever reason, people just didn’t want this game at the time. So it seemed like Chucky’s chances to invade consoles were all but diminished.

However, all of us can see how well Friday the 13th: The Game is doing. With all of the attention it’s getting, it’s revitalizing interest in the iconic horror franchises. With Cult of Chucky coming out this year, the Child’s Play franchise is still going strong, and it seems to be a great time to finally put out a Chucky game.

An indie game designer apparently feels the same way and is asking our help funding the completion of a new Chucky game. Called Chucky: Friends till the End, the coding is said to be nearly complete. All the designer is asking for is $8000 — the cost of buying the Chucky models. These are the actual models created for Chucky: Wanna Play?, and the company is welling to sell them for $7993.

Seriously, look how awesome these are.

Like Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight, this game would be an asymmetrical multiplayer title. It would feature 6-on-1 matches, though the designer promises it would have “many outstanding differences” compared those other titles. Initially, this would be a PC game, with plans to release on PS4 and Xbox One later on.

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To help fund this project, check out its page on GoFundMe. You can also follow the developer on Twitter at @ChildsPlayGame and ask them any questions you might have.