Twin Peaks – The Return: Can’t see without a cosmic flashlight

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Credit: Showtime

Doppelganger Drama

Agent Tamara Preston is staring at Agent Cooper’s photograph. She looks at the case file and pulls out a picture of Coop/BOB. Placing the two of them side by side, she begins to compare them.

This sparks her to look at the fingerprint database. She begins to run two sets of prints. A look of realization crosses her face.

Pound the Alarm

Coop/BOB is in a room. Warden Murphy (James Morrison) informs him that he can have his one phone call. From a remote location, the Warden and his guards watch as Coop/BOB decides whom to call.  He asks aloud if he should call Mr. Strawberry but then states that he isn’t taking calls.

For some reason, this distresses Murphy. Coop/BOB starts dialing the phone like a demon and lights start flashing and alarms start going off. This is a huge distraction so that the Warden can’t hear his phone call.

Coop/BOB utters, “The cow jumped over the moon,” into the phone. After he has completed his call, the alarms turn off. The prison is silent again.

Black Box

Somewhere in Argentina, a light on the outside of a building can be seen. Then the focus is switched to a beeping black box. Suddenly, it shrinks and becomes a tiny box.

Statue Envy

Dougie/Coop is still mesmerized by the statue outside his place of employment. It is night time but he is still pondering the monument. A security guard approaches him and tells him he has to move along but Dougie/Coop ignores him and continues to stare.