Twin Peaks – The Return: Can’t see without a cosmic flashlight

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The Good

Russ Tamblyn’s scenes as Dr. Amp were a veritable tour de force. Highly amusing and satirical, the parody of crazed conspiracy theorists was on the money. The golden shovel bit was inspired and had me howling with laughter. Finally, we figured out why he was spray painting those items.

The eerie moment in the jail cell where Coop/BOB is having flashbacks to the Black Lodge is terrifying. This is a bit of fine acting on the part of Kyle MacLachlan. Menacing yet calm and intense, we can literally feel the evil that is living inside him.

Needs Improvement

Pacing is critical in the world of television. Time is of the essence unlike feature films where sequences can go on ad infinitum because a director has ninety minutes to two hours to tell a story. I sometimes think David Lynch forgets what medium he is working in.

As much as I enjoy the dreamy sections and the scenes that don’t make any rational sense whatsoever at the time, Lynch needs to start editing certain acts. For example, in this particular episode, while it was highly amusing to observe Dougie/Coop trying to navigate the world of people, it felt like it was a tad bit lengthy.

The coffee moment in the elevator was very funny. However, the audience understands that he is not in full possession of all his faculties. They don’t have to be hit over the head with it.

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The Verdict

While this episode sometimes had the feel of a high-octane speed dating experience in order to introduce more characters, it continued to captivate interest. There are many mysteries and roads to explore in Twin Peaks, so lean back and enjoy the ride.

New episodes of Twin Peaks – The Return air Sunday nights on Showtime at 9PM EST.