Jason Goes to Hell: 10 things you didn’t know

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Friday the 13th 9 – Credit: New Line

9. Candyman actor Tony Todd auditioned for the role of Creighton Duke

Creighton Duke is basically the “Tommy Jarvis” of Jason Goes to Hell. As a bounty hunter, he has made it his life’s mission to destroy Jason Voorhees. It’s not revealed how he knows exactly how to kill Jason, but he turns out to be the only one who knows. In the end, he helps kill Jason, although he winds up dying himself in the process.

In the movie, actor Steven Williams plays Duke. He does a fine job, but if it weren’t Williams, it could have been a well known horror movie actor instead. The legendary Tony Todd, perhaps best known as the titular killer from the Candyman films, actually auditioned for the part of Duke. We came much closer than we realized to seeing Jason vs. Candyman, evidently.

However, director Adam Marcus couldn’t resist the charm of Williams. Maybe that means Todd missed out on his chance to be in a Friday the 13th film. But ultimately, it didn’t halt his career in the horror field or anything. Todd has since become a beloved staple of the genre.

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