Jason Goes to Hell: 10 things you didn’t know

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Credit: New Line Cinema

6. Jason’s heart was completely edible, but still disgusting

The original title of this film was supposedly Friday the 13th IX: The Dark Heart of Jason. That’s obviously because of the concept of having Jason’s heart be the source of his evil. That’s the theme from the start, when a coroner eats the damn thing, up to the end when a magic dagger through the heart kills him. During the screenwriting process, the story went through several variations. But the idea of having someone eat Jason’s heart, to transfer his evil into their body, was always present.

In the movie, actor Richard Gant plays the coroner that picks up Jason’s undead heart and eats it. It’s one of the grossest parts in the entire film, that’s definitely true. The grody heart looks sickening, but the truth? It’s not nearly as gross as it looks.

Jason’s heart is actually made with gelatin and fruit cocktail. It gets his dark appearance from the addition of black food dye. In other words, it’s completely safe to eat. Well, theoretically anyway. The idea of it was still so gross, and its appearance so disgusting, that Gang still had troubles eating it. Reportedly, he nearly threw up while filming the scene.