Jason Goes to Hell: 10 things you didn’t know

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Credit: New Line Cinema

5. The scene with the campers wasn’t added until after completion

Some of the biggest complaints about this movie are that it doesn’t feel like a Jason film. Early on, Jason is destroyed and transfers his soul into a coroner. Passing from person to person, we’re not seeing the familiar man in the hockey mask doing the slayings. For many fans, it felt like too much of a departure.

These complaints came about after an early screening of the finished film. It was obviously too late to do anything about inserting Jason. But one idea that came about to appease some of this criticism was to add another scene more reminiscent of the previous films.

That’s how we got that infamous scene of coroner Jason killing the three campers in the woods. Their brutal murders in the forest was meant to feel more like actual Jason killings. Some fans say that this scene is actually the best from the movie, and perhaps that’s because it was meant to appeal to those old school fans.

BONUS: Director Adam Marcus insisted that both the man and the woman be equally naked in this sex scene. He had the opinion that prior films seemed sexist by focusing more on female nudity.