Jason Goes to Hell: 10 things you didn’t know

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Credit: New Line

4. Other bizarre ideas were considered for the movie

Essentially, Jason Goes to Hell was rushed through development. The script didn’t have as much time on it as it nearly should have, and it’s safe to say it’s got some problems. But when you consider the original storyline ideas they were kicking around for this movie, it’s hard to say which way would have been worse.

One early idea, before settling on the “Goes to Hell” gimmick, was to send Jason to Los Angeles. There, he would start murdering rival gang members. This would force them to stick together to take on Jason. This sounds like a monstrously terrible idea, especially coming right after Jason Takes Manhattan.

The original story treatment from director Adam Marcus is even more insane. It ignores Jason Takes Manhattan, starting with Jason chained at the bottom of Crystal Lake. A mad scientist (?) converts a nearby cabin into a research lab, taking Jason’s body there for an autopsy. He removes Jason’s heart, leaving Jason to just sit there and watch it happen (the idea being the scientist has absorbed Jason’s powers).

In a twist, the heart-eating scientist would be revealed to be Elias Voorhees, Jason’s father. Wow. As silly as Jason Goes to Hell seems to be, take comfort in knowing it could have been much sillier.