Friday the 13th Part 3: 6 things you might not know

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Credit: Paramount

2. There were several deleted/cut scenes

Friday the 13th movies were known for one thing back in the 80s, their inventive kills. Friday the 13th Part 3 was no slouch in this department either, with some of one of Jason’s most famous kills coming in the form of a unsuspecting hand-stand walking Andy.

Although this scene has a great impact in the theatrical cut, it was meant to show a lot more than it let on. the original scene played out shot for shot like the theatrical one up until the point of contact by Jason, who then proceeded to bring his weapon down full force, showing the removal of Andy’s leg and most of his internal organs.

Vera, Edna, Chili, and Debbie’s deaths were all trimmed down to avoid the X rating also. One of the more interesting deleted scenes was meant to occur after Chris opens up to Rick about the Jason attack, on the way back to the cabin they were meant to encounter the old Crazy Ralph type character “Abel” from the beginning of the movie. Only a few stills are floating around of this scene so it was definitely shot.