Twin Peaks – The Return: Wake up, don’t die

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Credit: Showtime

The Sleeper Must Awaken  

Once again, the Black Lodge beckons us. Phillip Gerard (Al Strobel), the one-armed man, appears to Dougie/Coop. Like a religious vision or omen, he keeps repeating for him to wake up and not die. Almost like he is in possession of a magic wand, Gerard waves his hand toward Dougie/Coop.

After Gerard fades away, Dougie/Coop turns his attention to the case files. Three balls of light illuminate spots that he is supposed to focus on. He starts doodling pictures of ladders and staircases.

 An Old Friend Appears

Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) is driving in his car talking to Gordon Cole (David Lynch). Gordon is explaining the importance of Albert’s assignment. Rosenfield pulls up in front of Max Von’s Bar. Rain is pouring down.

Upon exiting the car, there is a very funny moment as he is walking into the building. He yells an expletive about Gene Kelly. Once inside the bar, the joint is jumping. Everywhere you turn around there is wall to wall people.

Albert spies the back of a platinum blond woman. He makes his way toward her. Tentatively he calls the name, “Diane?” The woman turns around slowly to reveal her face (Laura Dern).

Cocaine Is a Powerful Drug

A drug deal is in the works between the supplier, Red (Balthazar Getty) and Richard Horne (Eamon Farren). Richard has just done a bump of coke and he is amped up. The entire scene between these two actors is spilling over with quiet menace. Getty channels a young Frank Booth as he performs weird martial arts moves.

It is quite apparent that Red does not trust Richard and he makes this perfectly clear. He threatens him and tells him he is watching him. There is a bit of trippy business involving a dime flip that is suspended in the air for a lengthy bit of time before landing. So innocent, but yet there is an undertone of something sinister.