Twin Peaks – The Return: Wake up, don’t die

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Ten Cent Revelations

In an open field in Twin Peaks, Richard Horne pulls his truck to a stop. He gets out and checks his grill. Frantically, he begins to clean it of any debris from the hit and run.

Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) is in the bathroom at the Sheriff’s Department. He is washing his hands when he sees something go flying into a stall. He follows the sound and opens the door to reveal a dime. Could this be the same magic ten cent piece that Red did heads or tails with?

Hawk picks up the dime and examines it. His eye catches the name plate of the door Nez Perce which is the name of a tribe. Thinking back to what the Log Lady told him that his heritage would help him locate a missing item about Laura Palmer’s case, he immediately notices that the door to the stall has been tampered with.

While he is attempting to remove it with a crowbar, his colleague Deputy Chad comes in and starts giving him grief about not being able to use the bathroom. Hawk dismisses him and sends him to the Ladies Room. The door gives way, Hawk slides his hand down the length of it extracting papers from the inside.

Back in the main office, Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) is briefing his deputies when his wife, Doris (Candy Clark), bursts into the building, yelling for him at the top of her lungs. She is incensed because her father’s car still isn’t fixed. Trying to calm her down, Frank takes her out into the hall.

Deputy Chad tells the Dispatch, Maggie (Jodi Thelen) that he would never take that from any woman. Maggie is appalled at his callousness. She tells him that Doris never used to be like that but her son committed suicide. Chad’s response is that he knew about it and the son was a soldier that couldn’t take it. Every office has to have at least one douche bag and Chad is that guy for the Sheriff’s Department.