Twin Peaks – The Return: Wake up, don’t die

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The Good

This episode didn’t have any gags that went on for an interminable amount of time. Even Dougie/Coop’s escapades in the elevator and with the lamp didn’t detract from the storyline. Lynch’s pacing seemed to be more on par with audience’s expectations for television programs.

The acting is a joy to behold. Kyle MacLachlan is very believable in his role. He plays it with almost childish delight. In a sense, Dougie/Coop is a child because he is still trying to navigate the world that he finds himself in. As for the other denizens of Twin Peaks, they are also credible. When you watch the show, you feel as if you are in a real town, with real people experiencing real difficulties.

Subtext is rampant in this episode. You really need to pay attention to capture the subtle nuances to try and figure out the meanings of things like the dime and Dougie/Coop’s guiding lights. There is even cause for discourse about the relevance of souls and life after death.

Needs Improvement

There are loose ends and different storylines all over the place. This was the problem with the original series. However, there are twelve episodes left so there is time to try and pull things together.

While the free form direction is innovative and captivating, there is still a real need for closure and explanations. Hopefully, this will be the case down the line.

The Verdict

I am invested in the characters. I care about what happens to them. This is what drives me to keep coming back every week. This is definitely not your run of the mill boring drama on NBC or CBS. Twin Peaks is the type of show that is fodder for the water cooler at work as well as social media buzz. Lynch’s world is weird, wild at heart and beautiful much like life.

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New episodes of Twin Peaks – The Return air Sunday nights on Showtime at 9PM EST.