Shout At the Devil: Essential Metal Bands With Horror Themes

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Photo: Wednesday 13

We’re going through the top five essential horror-themed metal bands every horror fan and metalhead out there needs to be aware of!

Horror films and metal music are a perfect combination. When you find bands that combine horror themes along with music that is great, it is like a marriage made in hell.

So for all you horror hounds here are some bands to bump at home, when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, to scare your new neighbors or generally get you through a hectic day. Finally lets get into the list.

5. Wednesday 13 

Wednesday 13 combines heavy metal with a horror punk attitude. With song titles such as I Walked with a Zombie, Morgue Than Words, Too Fast for Blood, and odes to some of our favorite horror films like Haddonfield  and Carol Anne….They’re Here, you will be in for a gore soaked good time wherever you are.

Find out more about the band at their official Facebook.

(YouTube video courtesy of EvilTH36)