Shout At the Devil: Essential Metal Bands With Horror Themes

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Credit: MCA Records/Paramount Pictures

1. Alice Cooper

What can I say about Alice Cooper that hasn’t been said before? The grandfather of shock rock helped bring horror themes in mainstream music. The master of the macabre has had everyone on his albums from Steven Tyler of Aerosmith to Vincent Price, and has had memorable cameos in Freddy’s Dead  and even wrote a song for Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives entitled He’s Back.

With stage antics that include beheading by guillotine, a boa constrictor, straight jackets and outlandish costumes you’ve never seen anything like it. Essential listening of Alice’s catalog include Welcome To My Nightmare, Cold Ethyl, I Love the Dead, Feed My Frankenstein…..actually almost anything by Alice Cooper is essential listening.

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