5 reasons to stand with Quentin Tarantino on violence in media

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Credit: The Weintsteins

1. Opposing Censorship Is The Mature/Smart Thing To Do

While the world hasn’t completely changed (and progress is depressingly slow), what has changed is that it’s theoretically possible for people to be smarter than ever before.  One sign that a person is smart? That they’re able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

In summation, next time you watch something like Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, do so with the knowledge that you chose that fate for yourself. Also, remind yourself that it’s only a movie. Undead chicken zombies probably won’t rise from the grave to peck out your innards — even if a fast food restaurant was built on a cursed Indian burial ground.

Still, if that does happen, one word should cover your next course of action: Run!

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