How Kane and Kane Hodder got me an Everything Horror ban


This is the story of how a practical joke involving horror legend Kane Hodder and WWE’s Kane resulted in being banned from Horror Everything on Facebook.

All my life, I have been a practical joker. Sometimes, I just love to joke around or not take things seriously if it makes myself and others laugh. In this day and age, I will occasionally get that fix by trying to pull off one of these jokes online.

But before we go further, let me clarify something. I’m not the kind of guy that pulls the chair out from underneath you and then laughs. Rather, I like to make myself the butt of the joke. I don’t mind if people are laughing at me, as long as I’m making them laugh. So you could say I’m more like Impractical Jokers and not so much Jackass.

That leads me to my newest joke. Recently, I joined the Facebook group Horror Everything, becoming it’s 60,000th member. After my initial disappointment in not having celebratory balloons fall from the ceiling in my living room, I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with a harmless prank.

The idea was to present myself as a totally clueless horror fan. I’d post a picture of WWE wrestler Kane outside of his costume, referring to him as Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder. To go the extra mile, I’d intentionally misspell Hodder’s name. Here’s what the post in question looked like:

Photo: Jeremy Dick/Glenn Jacobs

Now, I have the utmost respect for both Kane and Kane Hodder. But as the hardcore horror fans would scramble to correct me, I acted like I just couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t the same person. And no matter what, I wouldn’t break character.

One person said, “That’s Kane from WWE.” To respond to that, I posted a photo of Undertaker sticking out his tongue, saying it clearly wasn’t the same person. Another put up a pic of the See No Evil poster featuring WWE’s Kane; I confidently responded that Kane Hodder doesn’t just play Jason, but plays in other movies as well.

It wasn’t even a done deal when another user posted a photo of Kane Hodder holding a signed Jason mask. “Did this fan get his mask signed by Jason?” I asked. To make a long story short, the whole thing evolved into a horror-themed “Who’s on First?” routine. No matter how hard everyone tried to inform me of the truth, I just couldn’t get it.

Credit: WWE

“Is that Savini Jason?”

Although many people were confused, everyone seemed to be having fun with the post. And really, that was the overall goal. Some got the joke right away, while for others, it took a little longer. But soon, so many people were clicking the “Haha” emoji and playing along that I couldn’t even keep up with all of the replies.

But then, just as quickly, the post was gone. At this same moment, I found myself on the outside of Horror Everything’s walls looking in; I had been banned. Despite this sudden burst of confusing fun I had brought to their community, the group wasted no time in showing me the door. Apparently, they’re enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for humor.

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While I can take the ban from Horror Everything, hopefully Hodder himself will forgive me. But perhaps I’m just pushing my luck. After all, the Jason actor didn’t seem too happy with my April Fool’s Day post. Claiming the Friday the 13th game was being canceled for a Kindergarten Cop game, Hodder himself was fooled, promising on Twitter that there would be “PAYBACK!”

I’m just trying to have a laugh, Kane. Please don’t kill me!