Twin Peaks – The Return: I’m very, very happy to see you again, old friend

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Naomi Watts and Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks – The Return is the most anticipated television event of 2017. Of course, being a huge admirer of David Lynch’s work, I jumped at the chance to cover this series for 1428 Elm. So, meet me at the Double R every week for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

I have to say that this was my favorite episode thus far in the season. Finally, we are starting to see parts of that big puzzle that Lynch has in his creative brain. The picture is starting to come in clear. We just had to fool around with the settings a bit.

Sit back, grab a donut and let’s begin to unravel this mystery.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) is sitting in the middle of the woods and looking very freaked out. You get the feeling that he might be waiting on someone or something. He grabs his cell phone and calls his brother Ben (Richard Beymer). There is some interference with the line because Ben is having all sorts of difficulty trying to understand why his brother is calling him.

On the other hand, as it turns out, Jerry is high. Apparently, someone has stolen his car prompting an exasperated sigh on Ben’s part. Some things never change.

In Your Letter

In the Sheriff’s Department, Hawk (Michael Horse) and Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) are discussing the letter that Hawk found in the bathroom stall. As it turns out, it is a couple of missing pages from Laura Palmer’s (Sheryl Lee) diary.

Laura recounts meeting Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham) in a dream. Annie informs her that Good Dale is in the lodge and he can’t leave. Sheriff Truman is confused as to how the letter was placed in their bathroom and what it means.

Hawk theorizes that Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) must have done it one of the times that he was brought in for questioning. The pair also discuss the night that Annie was seen departing the Great Northern with Cooper.  Hawk states that Doc Hayward (Warren Frost) saw them. He also believes that she left with the evil Cooper.

Truman decides to talk with his brother, Harry about this development. However, when he calls him, Harry is in a bad way. This disturbs Frank and he tells him to beat this thing. We can assume that he has a terminal disease and the outcome is bleak.

I Saw What You Did

Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) is talking with a very nervous young man who lives near the field where Richard Horne left his truck.

The guy repeatedly tells Andy to go as he looks around him like a twitchy drug addict in need of a fix. We get the feeling that someone is inside his house and is watching his every move.