Twin Peaks – The Return: I’m very, very happy to see you again, old friend

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What’s Up, Doc?

Sheriff Truman skypes with Doc Hayward to discuss what he knows about the night he saw Cooper and Annie. Doc tells him that Cooper was acting strange so he had him go to the hospital to be examined. About an hour later, Cooper left.

Hayward saw him leaving intensive care. Doc believes he was visiting Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) who was in a coma.

The X Files

Lt. Cynthia Knox (Adele René) meets Detective Macklay (Brent Briscoe) of the Buckhorn, South Dakota police department.  She inquires about the fingerprints. Macklay informs her that they were lifted off of a body.

Once they are in the morgue, Coroner Talbot (Jane Adams) informs her that the head is missing and they don’t know where it is. She also relays to Knox that the man died within five or six days and appears to be in his late forties. This news shakes Knox up and she excuses herself to call Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson).

She brings Davis up to speed on the case. They both acknowledge the fact that Major Briggs, would be in his seventies. It is his prints but nothing about this scenario is making sense at the moment. Once Davis hangs up with Knox, he immediately makes another phone call.

Knox returns to the morgue and informs Macklay and Talbot that this probably will not be their investigation anymore. This leaves Talbot and Macklay quite confused.

Whistle While You Work

Gordon Cole (David Lynch) is sitting behind his desk whistling away. Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) appears startling Cole by knocking loudly. Immediately, Cole asks how the meeting with Diane went.

He informs Gordon that Diane dropped some f-bombs and declined to meet with Cooper. Albert tells Gordon basically it is up to him to get her onboard. So, Gordon and Albert set out to pay Diane a visit.

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

Gordon and Albert arrive at Diane’s apartment. Clearly, she is not interested in entertaining any of their questions. After she spews expletives at Gordon and Albert, Gordon tells her that Cooper is in a federal lock up in South Dakota.

Diane remains hostile which prompts Cole to state that she is a “tough cookie.” Finally, Albert tries to convince her to assist. He tells her that there is something wrong with Cooper and they need her help. Reluctantly, Diane agrees to accompany them to the prison.