Twin Peaks – The Return: I’m very, very happy to see you again, old friend

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Like a G6

Albert, Gordon, Diane and Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) are in a jet on their way to see Cooper. Tammy shows Albert and Gordon Cooper’s fingerprints.  They appear to be identical but she points out some discrepancies.

Albert notices that the prints appear to be reversed. Could this be a tell that Cooper is in fact evil? Then in an apparently off the wall exchange, Gordon asks to see Tammy’s hands. He tells her to flip them over palms down. Cole then proceeds to tug her finger tips and says, “I’m very, very, happy to see you again old friend.” He also references the spiritual mound underneath the wedding ring finger and calls it the “spiritual finger.”

This whole sequence made me think back to the Owl Cave Ring that Laura, Teresa Banks, Annie Blackburn and Dougie Jones sported on their spiritual fingers. Could it be that is what Gordon was referencing? Unfortunately, most of the individuals that wore this particular ring ended up dead. Perhaps because their souls were tainted with the evil from the Black Lodge?

Albert is looking at a picture of Evil Cooper and he tells Tammy that they found his house in Rio but by the time they got to it, a girl from Ipanema owned it.

Back on the Chain Gang

The group arrives at the Yankton Federal Prison in Sioux City, South Dakota. Diane is trying to steel herself to go face to face with Evil Cooper. She tells Gordon that she wants to do this alone. He agrees with her.

When she sees Evil Cooper, she asks him when was the last time he saw her. He dances around the question.  Diane comes back and asks it again. Evil Cooper tells her he saw her at her house and he won’t forget that night.

Looking at the expression on Diane’s face, you can tell that she knows something is amiss. She asks him who he is. Evil Cooper plays dumb. The two look at one another. Shaken, Diane hastily puts the barrier down between them.

She returns to Gordon, Albert and Tammy. They high tail it out of the prison. Gordon stops to let Warden Murphy (James Morrison) know that he needs to hold on to Cooper until further notice.

Diane tells Gordon that it isn’t Cooper. Something in his heart is no longer there. She falls apart while Tammy and Albert look on. Cole asks her about the last night with Cooper, Diane tells him that they will talk about it sometime.

Inside the prison, a guard is escorting Evil Cooper back to his cell.  He tells the guard that he wants a meeting with the Warden. The guard laughs it off but Cooper says to let Murphy know that he wants to talk about a “Strawberry.”

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Deputy Andy is on the side of a deserted mountain road in the woods. He appears to be waiting for someone. Meanwhile, back at the house where Richard Horne’s truck is parked, we see the front door is ajar. This looks ominous. Andy checks his watch and walks back to his squad car.

Blackmail Is the Name of the Game

Evil Cooper is in Warden Murphy’s office. Murphy informs him that all the security cameras are off so that they can speak freely. Cooper recounts a story about a dog. He tells Murphy that the dog had four legs. Murphy found one in his trunk and the other three went out with the information that the Warden is thinking of now.

He goes on to explain to Murphy that there are two people that you don’t want coming after you if anything happens to him. When Evil Cooper says the name, “Joe McCluskey,” Warden Murphy turns ashen and sits down.  Cooper proceeds to blackmail him into getting a rental car, a “friend” (gun) for the glove box and Ray Monroe (George Griffith).

Evil Cooper tells him to remember the dog legs and that no one will see him again. He also lets the Warden know that no one will know about Joe McCluskey or the late Mr. Strawberry either.