Twin Peaks – The Return: I’m very, very happy to see you again, old friend

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Credit: Showtime

Behind Closed Doors

Beverly talks to her caregiver on the front porch. She informs her that she gave her husband extra pain medication and that dinner is ready. Beverly thanks her and she leaves.

Inside the house, her husband Tom (Ronnie Gene Blevins) is hooked to an IV. He is bald and very sickly looking. It is apparent that he has a terminal disease. Immediately he begins to question why she was working late. Beverly deflects it by asking him if he is hungry.

He keeps at her about her job and finally she tells him that she is sorry he is sick but she doesn’t want him messing up what she is doing.

Another Night at the Bang Bang

A guy is sweeping the floor of the bar while Booker T & the MGs “Green Onions” plays. This goes on for quite some time until the phone rings. Jean Renault (Walter Okelwicz) answers it. He is arguing with someone on the other end about the price of two high school girls that he pimped out. Memories of Laura and Teresa come flooding back after that little conversation.

The Great Escape

The hallway outside of Evil Cooper’s cell is dark. One of the guards, shines his flashlight and opens Evil Cooper’s cell door. He steps out and Ray Monroe is there to meet him. The two walk out of the prison with the guard.

Once they are outside, the guard gives Evil Cooper the keys to his rental car and his cell phone. Warden Murphy watches this exchange from a distance.

This next part I mention because I think it is an interesting insert. We see an overhead shot of the woods at night. It is pitch black. Could this be foreshadowing of something dark headed toward Twin Peaks?

Back at the Double R

It is a busy time at Twin Peaks favorite diner. There is a lot of activity. Shelly is behind the counter while Norma is doing paperwork in a booth. A guy frantically rushes into the Double R and shouts, “Anybody seen Billy?” Of course, he rushes back out and the chatter resumes.