Twin Peaks – The Return: I’m very, very happy to see you again, old friend

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The Good

The pacing of this episode was right. Questions were answered. Storylines that appeared to be random are now converging and starting to make sense. There was less business with Dougie/Cooper dealing with his surroundings. We are starting to get flashes that Good Cooper might be waking up and making an appearance in the future.

This may have been the show’s best effort yet in terms of focus and writing. While there were moments of Lynch quirkiness, there were also bits of fine acting. Laura Dern gave a strong performance as the voice behind the man, Diane.

The Verdict

Every week is a surprise. Since we have met most of the principal characters, we are delving into the mysteries surrounding the show and starting to make headway. This is what keeps everything exciting and fresh. You want to tune in to see what will happen next and that is the power and the beauty of the creative mind of David Lynch.

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