‘Dude Bro Party Massacre III’: Hilarious throwback to ’80s sorority slashers


Grab a few kegs and a beer bong as we takes a look at 2015’s ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre III’. Forget homework, you’re having the night of your life. Is it the last?

This Dude Bro Party Massacre III has been long overdue as the movie’s been out since 2015. But, it doesn’t seem like it’s getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, most of you reading this right now have probably never heard of it.

Honestly, I’ve never even heard of 5-Second Films until this movie was released. I came across the trailer during my internet surfing activities and noticed the 80s-styled format: VHS quality footage, practical effects, a slasher, college kids, it being a sequel to a horror franchise that I’ve never heard of – in fact, here’s the trailer for you right now (WARNING: red band trailer, NSFW):

I grew up in the ’80s on horror (as some of you know from my earlier reviews) and one thing I always did is record whatever horror movie they aired on the USA network (or some other channel) that night, normally hosted by USA UP ALL NIGHT. I tried my best to cut out the commercials, but some would obviously leak over. The format for Dude Bro Party Massacre III is almost EXACTLY how my VHS recordings were — they knew what they were doing and I love it.

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The plot is as follows (without spoilers): Brent Chirino starts an investigation of the murder of his dead twin brother and must infiltrate the DELTA BI THETA fraternity that his brother bonded with. Hilarity with bloodshed ensues. This also has star cameos with Patton Oswalt, Andrew WK, and even Larry King. Greg Sestero (yes, The Room’s Greg Sestero) even has a prominent role in the film as one of the fraternity brothers, and his comedic timing is on point.

The idea came to 5-Second Films when they came across an ’80s slasher on television one night, one of the Sorority House Massacre sequels. They thought it would be funny to reverse the roles for a satire film. No, there isn’t a “Dude Bro Party Massacre 1&2” unfortunately, but titling it “Part III” is part of the charm. After all, it was recorded off of a late-night movie channel back in the ’80s and just recently found.

I’ve watched this movie a lot the last few years, and I didn’t notice one second of CGI. Everything is practical. I understand humor is subjective, so this may not be for everyone. But give it a chance. I did and it’s been an almost weekly tradition to watch this film with my group of friends with drinks.

You can get the digital copy of the film through their website, which is what I did the first time. Then I just HAD to buy the blu-ray autographed Broterion Collection complete with gag reels, deleted scenes, commentary, a restored HD version of the film, and a making-of feature.

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I really hope they do a sequel, I would love for this to be a trilogy. Maybe make ten more and have the Dude Bros end up in space fighting mother face. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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