Bubba Ho-tep nursing home set destroyed by arsonists


Intentional fires have completely burned down the building used for the nursing home set in the Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell film Bubba Ho-tep.

Someone please tell me that JFK and Elvis are okay!

The 2002 movie Bubba Ho-tep is truly a gem in the horror genre. A flick like no other, the Don Cocarelli film features the legendary Bruce Campbell as a modern-day Elvis Presley. After faking his death, an aging Elvis winds up settling at the Shady Rest Retirement Home, which comes under attack from an ancient mummy. With the help of former president JFK (now an African American senior), Elvis must find a way to save the nursing home.

This movie is just as insane as it sounds, plus so much more. It’s one of my personal favorites, as I love the dark humor and incredibly unique plot. That’s why a certain part of me feels crushed after seeing this recent news about the Shady Rest set.

KTLA is reporting that suspicious fires have been set upon two buildings in Downey, California. One of these vacant buildings was used for the nursing home in Bubba Ho-tep, destroying the actual shooting location from the film. As the buildings were empty, no injuries have been reported, but I still find this news incredibly sad.

Confirming that one of the burned buildings was the Shady Rest Retirement Home is Coscarelli himself. Taking to Twitter, the director had posted a link to the story, noting that the Bubba Ho-tep set had been burnt:

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So the rest home from the movie is officially gone. I guess that is just another reason to watch the film again. To get a good look at that set once more, if nothing else, right? Who am I kidding, I would’ve watched it again anyway.