It’s All For You Damien: Celebrating the Anniversary of The Omen (1976)


This past Sunday saw the anniversary of the day when the Antichrist blazed into mainstream entertainment. Join me as we remember The Omen and celebrate the 41st anniversary of this iconic film.

Originally released on June 25th, 1976, The Omen opens with Robert Thorn in the hospital while his wife Katherine is in the middle of giving birth to their child. Unfortunately the child does not make it, but hospital Chaplain Father Spiletto has a proposition.

Father Spiletto convinces Thorn to adopt another child whose mother died during childbirth at the same time. Thorn agrees but does not tell Katherine the truth about their new son. They name him Damien and the evil fun begins.

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Thorn is the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the new family relocates. As they are settling in several strange events unfold which act as a precursor for whats about the happen.

Huge black dogs congregate around the Thorn home, Damien’s nanny commits suicide during his birthday party, Damien violently refuses to enter a church, the arrival of a new mysterious nanny named Mrs. Baylock, and an innocent trip to the zoo turns frightening for the family.

As the story progresses we begin to slowly learn the true evil nature of Damien. The audience learns his mother is actually a jackal, what really happened to the Thorn’s child, what Mrs. Baylock’s true intentions are and the death of a priest attempting to warn the Thorn family.

Robert Thorn suspects that his son maybe the Antichrist and in a shocking moment discovers a birthmark in the shape of 666 hidden in Damien’s scalp. The film ends with a twist and a shot of Damien looking at the camera with one of the most evil smirks on his face in cinematic history.


Some say that a curse existed over the filming and production of The Omen. Star Gregory Peck and screenwriter David Steltzer both were on separate flights that were both struck by lightning. Peck was also scheduled to fly but cancelled his reservation, the plane tragically crashed killing all on board. Special effects coordinator John Richardson was involved in a car crash in Holland that killed his passenger on Friday the 13th in August of 1976. According to legend when he exited the vehicle he saw a road sign that read Ommen, 66.6km.

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The Omen franchise spawned in total 4 films and a remake that ominously on 06/06/06. The Omen is a horror classic and I have seen it more times than I can count. So next chance you get, fire it up and enjoy this vintage tale of evil.