Rise Of the Pod People: Top 5 Horror Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Looking for some entertaining audio to help kill the time? Join us as we go through five of the very best horror podcasts on the web!

As one who commutes to work, I cannot stand the drivel of morning radio. One of the few ways I can decompress while stuck in traffic is listening to a good horror related podcast.

With that said, I have taken the time sift through all of the ones that exist and find what I believe are the top 5 podcasts any horror fan should be listening to.

Courtesy of Horror Movie Night

5. Horror Movie Night

Horror Movie Night hosted by Scott Roger, Adam O’Brien and Matt Kelly is a hilarious take on all of your favorites. The podcast was born out of the website Reddit and into its own show. With an average run time of around 40 minutes the show is a fun and quick fix for all of your horror needs.

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Courtesy of Shadow Nation Podcast

4. Shadow Nation (Ghostman and Demon Hunter)

You may recognize the name of the host Shaun Burris from the A&E show Extreme Paranormal. Shaun has moved on and created this awesome podcast with his other host Nathan Schoonover. Shadow Nation has conducted interviews with powerhouse actors in the horror community such as Linnea Quigley, Tyler Mane, Andrew Divoff and Dan Aykroyd. They also cover every other topic under the paranormal umbrella.

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Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting

3. The Horror Show

The Horror Show is hosted by Sean and Joe, two longtime friends who love horror. The great thing about The Horror Show is the banter between the two hosts, as it sounds like a conversation you would have with your friends while watching a horror film. The hosts let Patreon users decide which movies they will review and more times than not the picks are pretty bad, which makes the show that much more good.

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Courtesy of The Cult Classic Horror Show

2. The Cult Classic Horror Show

The Cult Classic Horror Show was the first show that got me into horror podcasts. Hosted by Danny and Scotty Bohnen (The Blood Brothers) and the amazing Rob O’Neal, The Cult Classic Horror show is a hilarious journey into the world of horror. The gang covers a myriad of different horror titles and runs a contest every week where listeners can win cool stuff. The hosts also make it a point to engage with listeners. In addition to the great show they have a lot of horror related gear on their website.

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Courtesy of Aaron Posey/The Ghost of Vincent Price

1. The Ghost of Vincent Price: A Podcast

I may be biased because this is my show. Join myself and Franklin as we rip on the horrible and not so horrible horror films. The show is still in its infancy but we plan on building this into something special. We hope to grow the show to the level of amazing content and fun of all the podcasts listed above.

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Horror fans have a history of being creative and inventive. The plethora of horror podcasts that exist prove this point. So next time you are craving some horror fun and stuck in traffic support these amazing shows, and spread the word to your horror loving friends.