Top 5 playable counselors the ‘Friday the 13th’ game needs

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Credit: Paramount

Friday the 13th: The Game already features Tommy Jarvis as a call-in hero, and here are five other movie characters I want to see in the game.

“Doomed… you’re all doomed!”

The developers of Friday the 13th: The Game have certainly been going out of their way to please the fans of the franchise. For example, having Thom Mathews reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis from Jason Lives has been a real treat. Perhaps that opens the door for us to receive more movie characters as playable counselors in the game, such as…

5. Julius (Jason Takes Manhattan)

The quality of the eighth Friday the 13th movie is debatable among fans of the series. But most can concur that it isn’t without some badass characters. And truth be told, Julius may ultimately have more balls than any other protagonist in the series – including Tommy Jarvis.

If you’ve seen the flick, you know Julius has some elite boxing skills. We see him winning a boxing match taking place on the cruise ship (?) much to the adoration of the young ladies watching. But it’s not just these skills which make him so tough, but rather his bold courage in the face of certain danger.

Jason manages to chase Julius to a rooftop in Manhattan, pitting the two against each other. I think most other characters in this series would look for another way out, or perhaps even jump to their doom rather than face Jason. Julius, however, has more testicular fortitude than that, and takes Jason on in a fistfight, lasting longer than anyone else would.

This should have been on Pay-Per-View.

Ultimately, of course, Julius loses the fight (as well as his head). Bringing him back for the video game will give fans the chance to see a long-awaited rematch.