Top 5 playable counselors the ‘Friday the 13th’ game needs

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Credit: Paramount

3. Jimmy (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

Here’s another entry on my list that may divide some fans. Some may be questioning what the hell I am thinking, while other fans of The Final Chapter will certainly understand. If you’re a part of the former, I’ll spell out why I feel Jimmy belongs in this game.

Yes, I know that Jimmy is a nerd. A “dead fuck”, if you will. Still, he’s by far one of the most entertaining characters in the whole series, is he not? And to quickly prove that without a doubt for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, just take a look at his dance moves in the animated gif below.

Credit: Paramount

If the guys at Gun Media really love me, they’ll not only include Jimmy, but give him the ability to dance in this same way. A lot of those cabins have radios in them, after all. There’s always time to take a break from evading Jason to jam to Lion’s “Love is a Lie”. At least if that’s how one dances to it.

For this to work, though, we would need to get Crispin Glover to provide his likeness and voiceovers. That way, when Jason ends up destroying the radio, Jimmy can shout, “Hey, how come you turned that off!?”