Top 5 playable counselors the ‘Friday the 13th’ game needs

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2. Chris Higgins (Friday the 13th Part 3)

I love all of the final girls in the Friday film series, but for the sake of this list, I had to pick a favorite. That leads me to requesting the addition of Part 3‘s Chris Higgins to Friday the 13th: The Game. And because her family home in Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, is already in the game, shouldn’t this one really be a no-brainer?

If you’ve seen her movie, you know Chris winds up as the final girl after Jason murders all of her friends. But although she survives, she’s still very much a victim of Jason’s, having gone insane because of the massacre. Presumably, the trauma of the events of Part 3 were sure to haunt poor Chris for years and years after.

I realize that, in a way, a part of Chris did make it into the game. The default shirt Jenny Myers wears is the same shirt Chris wears in Friday the 13th Part 3. Still, while Chris obviously inspired Jenny and the garment is an homage to the character, the fact remains that it’s not the same person.

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With that said, why not give Chris the chance for some revenge? Let’s make her a playable counselor in the F13 game! Perhaps, she could have a couple perks over the other counselors, such as wearing Pamela’s sweater having a longer stun effect on Jason. And maybe she could start carrying her trademark axe?