Top 5 playable counselors the ‘Friday the 13th’ game needs

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1. Demon (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning)

I’ve got to go with another character that’s relatively minor in the wide scope of things. This is someone that has a small, though extremely memorable, death scene in the fifth Friday the 13th movie. But even though he doesn’t stick around long, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan of the franchise that won’t agree that this guy is awesome.

In the movie, Demon winds up in an outhouse on account of those damn enchiladas he had for dinner. His girlfriend Anita sings to him sweetly while he’s in the crapper, because this girl clearly knows what true love is. But the singing is cut short when a man wearing a Jason mask slices her throat and impales Demon with a spike through the outhouse.

Quite possibly, the greatest fictional character in horror movie history.

Yeah, Demon died, and some fans would say his role was relatively unimportant. Still, he’s certainly one of my favorite characters from the series. Sticking him in this game would truly be a dream come true; I’d probably never play as any of the other counselors ever again. Ooooo, baby!

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There are obviously tons of awesome possibilities that I forgot, as I limited myself to only five for this list. I’m sure most of you are saying, “Where’s Tina?” As far as Tina goes, I’m saving her for my next list (call-in heroes besides Tommy Jarvis I want to see). And for anyone else, well, who did I miss? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section!