Alone and Afraid: Horror Movies That Prove Solitude is Scary as Hell


Winding up alone is perhaps the most dangerous place to be in a horror movie, as this list of solitude-themed horror films will prove.

We all know the universal truths of horror; don’t go in that dark space, don’t drop your weapon, and don’t go off alone. Solitude is scary to begin with, but you throw in any kind of malicious being or suspicious situation and it’s enough to make you frantic for any kind of company.

The lesson here is that you should never put yourself in a position where you’ve got no one to watch your back. Let’s look at a few examples, shall we?

Last Shift

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What starts off as a night shift in a closing police station turns into terror beyond compare. Haunting phone calls, horrifying visions, and a creeping paranoia that just won’t quit. Last Shift is a brilliant and scary-as-hell trip through one woman’s struggle to keep herself calm in the face of frightening insanity.

The Interior

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Beautifully shot and scored, The Interior follows a young man who – upon learning he has a terminal illness – decides to leave his disintegrating life behind to escape into the gorgeous Canadian wilderness. As time goes by, he grows increasingly suspicious that he’s not alone. It’s a great reminder of why you should never go out camping by yourself. You’re gonna spend a lot of time in the dark, friend, and that is just… no.

Silent House

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La Casa Muda, or The Silent House, is a masterclass in anxiety. Shot in a single take, this Uruguayan film promises “real fear in real time”. It was remade for American audiences only a year after its release. It follows a young woman who goes to a secluded cottage to assist her father with repairs. They are strictly told not to go upstairs, so, naturally, they do, and the horror ensues. Our heroine must navigate the house alone, mostly in the dark. Without any cuts to alleviate the tension, the film drives the horror through you like a corkscrew.


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Darling is an exploration of how solitude – under the right circumstances – can affect you mentally, causing a stumbling, crumbling panic. Our leading lady is not in a situation where she’s completely cut off from the world, yet as she spends more time alone in the house, her sanity begins to fray, leading her to a complete break.


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Ritual, or Modus Anomali, is an explosion of confusion and mystery, and it’s great. We follow a man who has woken up – buried alive – with amnesia, and is frantically trying to escape an unseen killer in the woods. He’s hopelessly alone and has no idea what is happening – or why.

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