Hail to the king, baby! Looking back at ‘Army of Darkness: Defence’


Army of Darkness: Defence is a little-known Evil Dead mobile game that we’re taking the time today to examine here at 1428 Elm.

Hail to the king, baby!

Jason has been dominating the news with the recent release of Friday the 13th: The Game… but Ash is no stranger to the video game world either! Join us as we take a look back at the 2011 mobile game Army of Darkness: Defence.

“It all started with a quite trip away to a cabin in the woods, a girl and a book…”

“Hail! Hail! Hail!”

A few years ago, the developers over at BackFlip Studios brought Army of Darkness from the movie screen and into our pockets with the game Army of Darkness: Defence. The game is your standard “Defend an object from endless waves of enemies” but with a few added AoD Easter eggs sprinkled in, like Arthur, Henry the Red, the Oldsmobile and the Wise man.

Here is the official description taken from the website:

"Get out your boomstick and rev up your chainsaw! From the makers of PAPER TOSS, STRIKE KNIGHT and NINJUMP comes the definitive Army of Darkness game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.In this tug-of-war, casual defense game based on the MGM classic movie, you play Ash, the time-traveling, evil-fighting, S-Mart sales clerk as you defend Lord Arthur’s castle and the Necronomicon from the oncoming hordes of evil undead. Of course, you can’t do it alone! Call upon multitudes of allies including Lord Arthur, Duke Henry the Red, the Wiseman, and many more to help you in your quest to defend the unholy book and use it to return to your own time. ARMY OF DARKNESS: DEFENSE takes the witty charm of the cult classic movie and combines it with gorgeous graphics and innovative casual gameplay that is certain to entertain any mobile gamer. So, remember the magic words and make sure your shoelace is tied, because this is going to be an epic battle!Features include:-Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams-Beautiful, fully animated graphics-A wide variety of allies to summon including swordsmen, armored knights, archers, and more-50 initial waves and an unlockable endless wave-Awards and leaderboards via Game Center-More than 100 hilarious quotes from the movie-Countless hordes of deadites-Originally composed music score-Tons of special abilities including the boomstick, the chainsaw, the ’88 deathcoaster and many more spells-All of your favorite characters including Arthur, Henry, Sheila, the Wiseman, Evil Ash, and many more!"

Credit: BackFlip Studios

“This is my BOOMSTICK!”

“Well hello mister fancy pants!”

So as you can tell from the description, you are basically reenacting the third act of the movie, with countless waves of Deadites’, who are ready to feast on your soul and get tougher with every round.

The game was release back in May 2011, so it’s been available for quite some time, but I get the feeling most horror fans won’t be aware of it. Although basic, this game is really addictive and a hell of a lot of fun for anyone who is a fan of the franchise or even just of “The Chin” himself.

Although the game is FREE to play, it does offer the odd in-app purchase here and there to help boost your play experience.

Credit: BackFlip Studios

“When will it end!??”

“Yo, she-bitch! Let’s go!”

The game is available for FREE over at the Apple Store and also from the Google Play Store for all you Android users. I re-installed it last week and have been hooked on playing it in my spare time since. It really helps to pass the time if you’re bored or if you just want to kill some time on your lunch at work.

Why don’t you download it and see how long you can last against the Army of Deadites? Just don’t forget the magic words.

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