Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Twin Peaks – The Return is the most anticipated television event of 2017. Of course, being a huge admirer of David Lynch’s work, I jumped at the chance to cover this series for 1428 Elm. So, meet me at the Double R every week for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Tonight’s episode was very metaphysical. Alternate realities, alternative universes, a string theorist’s fever dream as only Lynch could spin it. So, let’s sit Lotus style and contemplate the higher meaning of life.

A Place to Lay Low

Mr. C (Bad Coop) is walking down a road. He looks like crap, bloody and beaten up. At the same time, Gordon Cole and Agent Tammy Preston are flying home to Philadelphia in the FBI jet when a call comes through from Colonel Davis.

Davis is calling to let Cole know that there is a body in the morgue at Buckhorn, South Dakota. He tells him that Lt. Knox will meet him there.

Finally, Mr. C has reached his destination where he is met by Hutch (Tim Roth). Apparently, he is one of Bad Coop’s associates. As it turns out, they are on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Mr. C requests “clean” phones.

Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) shows up and is quite concerned about his condition. She immediately goes to retrieve medicine to take care of his wounds.

On the jet, Gordon informs Diane that they are turning around and going to Buckhorn, South Dakota to take a look at an old case involving a man Agent Cooper used to know. While Gordon goes to the cockpit to tell the pilot about the change in flight plans, Diane notices that she has received a blocked call on her phone.

Agent Preston brings Gordon the telephone again. This time the person on the other end is Warden Murphy. He tells Cole that Mr. C has escaped to which Gordon makes the announcement, “Cooper flew the coop!”

Mr. C is texting a message to someone while Chantal looks on. “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.” He sends it to a recipient but of course, it isn’t revealed who that person is.