Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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The Odds Aren’t Good

Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) is sitting at his desk transfixed in front of his computer screen. His phone starts buzzing in the drawer. With a worried look on his face, he answers it.

Mr. C is on the other end. He asks if it has been done to which Todd replies, “not yet.” Mr. C responds with “It better be done next time I call.” Todd hangs up the phone.

After a short time of contemplation, he uses his intercom to call for Roger. This whole exchange sounds like another contract hit on Dougie (Good Coop) since Ike the Spike failed.

My Bag Is Packed

Hutch hands Mr. C a mysterious duffel bag. He looks inside and then places it in the truck that has been procured for him. While Chantal looks on, Mr. C informs Hutch that he wants him to kill Warden Murphy either at work or on his way to work. Hutch agrees to this plan.

Then Mr. C tells Hutch that he has another job in Vegas for him. Could Hutch be the future assassin of Dougie? Chantal asks if she can go, Mr. C agrees to it. After sucking face with Chantal per Hutch’s suggestion, Mr. C climbs into his behemoth truck and tells the pair to clear out.

Detectives Come in Threes

Dougie and Janey-E are sitting in the lobby of the Las Vegas Police Department. The Detectives Fusco (David Koechner, Larry Clarke and Eric Edelstein) are interrogating Bushnell Mullins. Mullins has no idea who would want to kill Dougie.

He explains that Dougie is a terrific employee and that he was in a car accident that had lingering effects so that is why he appears to be slow. Before the detectives dismiss him, Bushnell remarks about the events being “strange business.”

When Bushnell leaves the office, he informs Dougie that he can take the day off. Janey-E says that she will take him to the doctor.

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The Detectives Fusco are discussing the fact that up until 1997, Dougie had no records. He didn’t have a driver’s license, tax records or a birth certificate. One of them postulates that he might be in the witness protection program.

They decide not to question Dougie again because it’s like “talking to a dog and she (Janey-E) does all the barking.” Then one of them has an idea. He disappears for a bit and then emerges in the lobby with a fresh cup of coffee for Dougie. He then removes his old cup.

The desk sergeant comes in to let them know that they have a palm print match on Dougie’s shooter. It happens to belong to Ike the Spike. The sergeant informs the detectives that he is holed up in a motel. One of the Detectives Fusco hands the sergeant Dougie’s cup to run for DNA and prints.

Dougie and Janey-E are sitting quietly in the lobby. The camera moves in for a close up of Dougie’s face. We see from his POV that he is looking at the flag in the corner. In the background, America the Beautiful is playing softly. Could Dougie be remembering the flag from the FBI or from the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department?

While he is looking at the flag, an office worker cuts into his line of sight and he focuses on her red pumps. Audrey Horne had a pair of shoes just like that. Another trigger for Dougie to start remembering that he is Agent Cooper? Then he focuses on the electrical outlet on the wall possibly recalling his entry into the present dimension?