Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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TWIN PEAKS – Courtesy of Showtime

The Jig Is Up

In a motel room, Ike the Spike is on the phone leaving a message for J.T. He says, “no cigar and taking a medical leave.” Outside in the parking lot, the cops show up. Ike looks in the mirror as he takes a long sip of whiskey.

He gets up and grabs his suitcase. Leaving his room, he starts down the hall only to have several members of law enforcement meet him with guns raised. He turns around and heads in the opposite direction only to get trapped by the three Detective Fuscos. They tell him he is under arrest for the attempted murder of Dougie.

Red or Beige? That Is the Question

It is morning at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. Lucy and Andy Brennan are sitting in front of their computers looking at chairs to purchase. This starts a back and forth debate between the two about the merits of red versus beige.

Lucy is adamant and won’t be swayed on her choice of the beige chair. Finally, Andy gives in and Lucy ends up ordering the red chair anyway while giggling. Clearly, she was playing a game with Andy unbeknownst to him.

Johnny Be Good

Sylvia Horne (Jan D’Arcy) mother of Audrey and wife of Ben is calling for her mentally disabled son, Johnny. He is running around like a child.

Exasperated, Sylvia tries to keep up with him but Johnny trips and falls knocking himself out in the process and putting a hole in the wall. The wall has blood dripping down it from Johnny’s head.

Feng Shui

Deputy Bobby Briggs, Sheriff Truman and Deputy Hawk show up at Betty Briggs (Charlotte Stewart) house to talk to her about what happened with Agent Cooper the day that Garland died. Betty recounts that Garland told her that one day all three of them would come to visit her to ask her about Agent Cooper.

He told her to give them “this.” She asks the trio to follow her into the living room. When they are there, she points at a red chair and says, “this is the chair.” She proceeds to flip a lever at the bottom of it which opens a compartment at the top. She removes a thin cylinder.

In a touching moment, she looks at her son and tells him that Garland knew Bobby would turn out okay. She let him know that he never lost faith in his son. This moves Bobby to tear up. Betty then hands the cylinder to Sheriff Truman.