Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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What Happens in Season Two?

Lt. Knox and Detective Macklay of the Buckhorn, South Dakota PD meet Diane, Gordon and Albert. After introductions are made, they are ready to look at the dead body in the morgue. Diane refuses to go with them.

After they depart, Diane checks her phone. We see the following message: “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.” Why is Mr. C texting her? Is Diane involved with him?

Macklay explains the murder situation to Cole and company. He tells them about the high school principal, William Hastings who was having an affair with Ruth Davenport the librarian. Ruth’s head was found on Major Briggs’ body.

Phyllis Hastings was murdered by her lawyer and the next day Hastings secretary died in an explosion. At this point after this tawdry tale, Albert asks the hysterical question, “What happens in season two?”

Everyone is in the morgue with Coroner Talbot. They examine Briggs’ body. They discuss the fact that the body is of a much younger man in his forties which would be the right age when Briggs died twenty-five years ago.

Macklay then tells Gordon, Albert and Tammy about the blog on alternate dimensions that Ruth and William had together. The last entry was “today we finally entered what we call the zone and we met the Major.”

Gordon excuses himself and takes Albert into the hall. They both thought that Briggs died in a fire in Twin Peaks outside the government building twenty-five years ago. Cooper knew Briggs and is it a coincidence that he showed up in his neck of the woods?

The two men return to the morgue. Talbot removes a wedding ring and tells them that she extracted it from Briggs’ stomach. The inscription reads, “to Dougie love Janey-E.”

Could this be a message to Gordon on where to find Coop who is trapped inside Dougie’s body? Gordon decides that they must interrogate Hastings to get some answers.

Freak Out

Jerry is in the woods again. This time he appears to be stuck in place. He is staring at his foot. Apparently, his foot can talk and it tells him, “I am not your foot.”

Did Jerry have another round of bad shrooms? Fascinated with his foot, he keeps on reaching down to touch it. This goes on for several seconds.

Maybe Jerry is inhabiting two worlds at one time. Could he be stuck in a portal hovering between this reality and another?  Finally, the spell is broken. Jerry yells, “go away” and falls down.

The Number is 253

Sheriff Truman, Deputies Hawk and Briggs are back in the Sheriff’s Department. They head into the conference room and kick Deputy Chad out who is eating his lunch.

Once Chad leaves the room, Sheriff Truman attempts to open the cylinder. He can’t seem to find a switch or anything to it. Bobby is smiling. He explains that he knows how to get it open and he was just having fun with Truman.

Bobby tells them they will have to go outside to crack the cylinder open. The three men exit the station again. Truman hands Bobby the cylinder. He throws it on the ground really hard. When he picks it up, it resonates. He repeats the move. This time the cylinder opens. Truman removes two tiny scrolls.

He opens them to reveal a drawing of the Peaks with a sun over one top and an eye over the other. The message reads, “253 yards east of Jackrabbit’s palace. Before leaving Jackrabbit’s palace, put some soil from that area in your pocket.” Then it gives two dates and a time of 2:53. Which happens to be two days from now and the day after.

Bobby tells Truman and Hawk that Jackrabbit’s palace was the make-believe world where Bobby went with his Dad as a kid. The trio decide to go there two days from the present. Truman also notices another scroll in addition to the one that they have deciphered.

He reads it aloud saying, “Cooper. Cooper.” The sound of electricity crackles in the background as Hawk says, “Two Coopers.”