Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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David Lynch, Brent Briscoe, Adele Rene, Miguel Ferrer and Chrysta Bell in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Smoke Break

Electricity sizzles. Gordon and Tammy join Diane on the stairwell outside the morgue as she is smoking. This is a very odd scene. Agent Preston is very fidgety while Gordon stares longingly at Diane who is looking at him.

The silence is uncomfortable. Finally, Diane breaks it by giving Gordon her cigarette. He takes a drag and the two reminisce about the smoke breaks they used to go on.

Into the Zone

William Hastings sits in the interrogation room visibly distraught and crying. Agent Preston enters and sits across from him. She asks him about his Search for the Zone blog.

Hastings explains that he was interested in alternate realities for years and that is how he met Major Briggs. He proceeds to tell Preston that he uncovered hidden records where he and Ruth went to a certain place and made contact with Briggs.

Briggs told them that he was hibernating and that they had to get him coordinates. They found them in a secured military database because Ruth was good at retrieving information.  Once Briggs had the numbers something terrible happened. He asked for Hastings wife’s name and then he told him to kill his wife.

Preston asks Hastings to pick out Briggs from a series of photos. Hastings picks the correct picture. Tammy then asks him what happened after Briggs received the numbers? Hastings tells her that he floated up, said Cooper two times and that it was beautiful. Briggs disappeared.

Hastings description sounds reminiscent of the Giant’s soul ascending toward heaven and the little boy who was the victim of the hit and run from earlier episodes. Is that where Briggs went or did he enter a portal and slip back into another dimension or universe?

Ruth was dead after the episode and then Hastings states that he woke up in his home. Hastings then proceeds to have a breakdown because he and Ruth will never get to take their trip to the Bahamas to go scuba diving. After this display of histrionics, Albert says behind the observation glass, “Fruitcake anyone?”

Love Is in the Air

Back in Twin Peaks, the fog is rolling over the mountains. The snap of electricity is in the air. Ben Horne and his secretary Beverly are working late again trying to figure out where the mysterious humming sound is coming from.

Security couldn’t find the origin point for the noise. Beverly and Ben walk over to the corner where the lamp is and determine that the sound is the strongest there. They remark on how mesmerizing it is and Ben likens it to a monastery bell.

In the world of the paranormal, electromagnetic fields sometimes exist near a portal. What if the Great Northern is a place of entry? After all, this is where BOB emerged as Cooper with Annie twenty-five years ago.

Beverly and Ben can’t fight the sexual tension between them anymore. She makes a play for Ben but he tells her he can’t go through with it. Beverly tells him he is a good man.

A Violent Yet Flammable World

The musical group at the Roadhouse for this week is Au Revoir Simone. They play in the background while some drugged out blond chick is trying to keep it together in a booth. She is joined by her friend who jokingly tells her that, “the zebra is out again.”

The blond is complaining because she got fired from her job flipping burgers for being too high. Apparently, she is working across the street doing the same job. We see that she has a wicked rash under her left armpit that needs constant scratching.