‘Child’s Play 2’ (1990): Play with Chucky, we’re gonna be friends to the end


As we eagerly await the release of ‘Cult of Chucky’, 1428 Elm brings you the next installment of our ‘Child’s Play’ retro recap series. So sit back, prop your feet up and get ready to once again celebrate America’s favorite red-headed serial killer doll.

The year 1990 saw the release of several classic horror films such as Misery, Arachnophobia, Tremors, and of course, Child’s Play 2John Lafia, who co-wrote the original, steps up and delivers a solid entry into the series as director.

Child’s Play 2 takes place 2 years after Chucky’s murderous rampage and ultimate demise at the hands of Detective Norris and Andy Barclay’s mother. The mega conglomerate corporation Play Pals decides (for some good reason) to take charred body of Chucky and rebuild it to prove nothing was wrong with the doll.

John Lafia’s ‘Child’s Play 2’ — Courtesy of Universal Pictures

While on a tour of the factory the CEO of Play Pals, Mr. Sullivan and one of his lackeys witness a machine malfunctioning and electrocuting an employee. Sullivan orders the lackey to cover up the accident (but we know better) and to get rid of the Chucky doll, which has been rebuilt and looks brand new.

Meanwhile we catch up with Andy, the protagonist from the first film. Andy is in foster care due to the events of the first film and his mother committed to a mental hospital. Andy’s adopted by Phil and Joanne and when he arrives at their home he, meets his new foster sister Kyle.

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While all this is occurring, Chucky has been hiding and plotting in the backseat of the lackey from Play Pals’ car.When he stops to buy some liquor, Chucky uses the car phone and pretends he’s a relative of Andy’s and calls Andy’s case worker. She then gives Chucky his new address.

After, the lackey returns to the car and Chucky forces him at gunpoint to drive to Andy’s address. Chucky then dispatches the lackey with a plastic bag. As Andy is in his new house, he discovers a Good Guy doll, and with good reason, is terrified. The doll activates and says his name is Tommy.

Chucky stealthily sneaks into the house but activates Tommy learning the dolls name. He takes a glass ornament and smashes it over Tommy’s head. He then takes Tommy outside and bury’s him and assumes Tommy’s place in the house.

John Lafia’s ‘Child’s Play 2’ — Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Waiting for the perfect time, Chucky sneaks up to Andy’s room and ties him to the bed and begins performing his famed ritual on him to transfer his soul from the doll into Andy. Chucky is interrupted as Kyle is sneaking back into the house and, for some reason, comes in through Andy’s room.

All of the commotion wakes Phil and Suzanne, who come in and discover Kyle and what they believe are wild delusions from Andy. In disgust, Phil throws Chucky down the basement steps and shuts the door.

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If being in foster care and getting stalked by a serial killer who put his soul into a popular children’s toy isn’t traumatizing enough, Andy is having a hard time fitting in at his new school. He gets on the school bus and is pushed and another random kid flicks Andy’s ear while sitting in class.

Unbeknownst to Andy, Chucky hitched a ride under the school bus. Chucky hijacked Andy’s homework assignment and wrote a vulgar statement on it. Believing that Andy did it, the teacher punishes him.

Chucky falls out of a cabinet in the classroom and naturally Andy freaks out. The teacher misconstruing his fear for wanting to play, tells him that he cannot play with toys and orders him to put his head down on his desk.  Chucky in one of the more inventive kills in the series beats the teacher to death with a yardstick while Andy escapes.

That night, Andy sneaks down into the basement and attempts to kill Chucky with an electric kitchen knife. Chucky attacks him and, in the struggle, everyone in the house awoken. Phil goes downstairs to investigate but Chucky trips him on the stairs causing him to breaks his neck.

John Lafia’s ‘Child’s Play 2’ — Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Kyle meanwhile realizes that Andy was telling the truth when she discovers Tommy buried in the backyard. Kyle runs into the house to tell Joanne that Andy was right when she discovers Joanne dead and Chucky attacks her.

Chucky subdues Kyle and demands she take him to the foster center where Andy is. Upon arrival at the center, a fire alarm goes off and Chucky kills the foster center head and orders Andy and Kyle to take him to the Play Pals factory.

When they arrive, Chucky knocks Andy out and attempts to transfer his soul but it doesn’t work. He’s spent too much time in the doll and Chucky is now stuck forever. In a fit of rage, Chucky decides to kill Andy and Kyle. A showdown ensues and once again Chucky is defeated….or so we thought.

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Child’s Play 2

saw the shift to a more humorous Chucky but he still maintains his sinister killer edge.

Child’s Play 2

made an impressive $28 million in domestic sales and was able to reach the #1 movie at the box office. No matter how many times I watch it,

Child’s Play 2

is still a great film and wildly entertaining. I highly suggest going back and re-watching this the first chance you get.

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