8 Werewolf Transformations That Will Make You Howl


Creating an effective werewolf transformation is no easy task. Whether practical or CGI, these clips make the cut.

“You can’t go out now, the werewolf is roaming the forests.”

Between film and television, there have been some fantastic werewolf transformations across the horror genre. Some thrill, some chill, but they all shred some skin.

Being Human (UK)

I really love this transformation scene because it is just so damn descriptive. We are told exactly what is going on with poor George, and it sounds so awfully painful. His screams of pain are sincere and chilling.

It’s the first transformation I’ve seen that breaks down the physiological changes that need to take place. As a result, the viewer feels the effects on a personal level.  The idea of going through that intense physical trauma on a monthly basis is… horrible.

An American Werewolf in London

This one is an absolute classic. The practical effects are phenomenal, the screams of pain are personal, and the music clashes with the visuals in a perfect way. It’s off-putting and it builds a sense of realism with its interruption of normalcy.

The Howling

Again, practical effects are key. The lighting and music builds tension that emphasizes the threat at hand. This werewolf transformation is slow and deliberate, and it’s terrifying. I would not want to be in Dee Wallace’s position.

Hemlock Grove

Ok, so this one is mostly CGI, but bear with me. This clip answers the question of “what happens to all the human parts?” To wolf out, he sheds his skin like a winter coat and eats the remains. Gross, but there’s no trace, so I guess that works. Now what happens when he changes back?

The Company of Wolves

Ok, my darlings, back to practical effects. Between the face tearing and the muscle straining, this transformation is pretty gnarly. The effects are a bit cheesy, but you’ve gotta love ’em.

There is another transformation in this film that I feel that I should mention as well. I mean, the wolf bursts fully formed through the guy’s mouth. It’s fantastic and you should definitely watch it.

Late Phases

I truly enjoy the cinematography in this transformation sequence. The constantly moving camera takes you in and out of the action, giving the opportunity to catch the reaction of the poor witness. It’s one continuous shot, but it doesn’t feel stagnant.

The transformation from man to werewolf is intimate and gruesome, even if the end result looks a little silly. But we can look beyond that.

Ginger Snaps

via The Liberal Dead

The transformation in Ginger Snaps is gradual. After the titular Ginger is attacked by a werewolf – while on her period, bummer – she starts to show signs that a change is coming. A few extra hairs here, a tail nub there, it all adds up to one big nasty surprise.


via Twitter

You can check out the video at this link, which shows two separate totally rad transformation scenes. Keep in mind that the first of the two is NSFW. It turns out that werewolf dick is a serious side effect of an unexpected transformation.

We should have known.

Honorable Mention – Dog Soldiers

via A Very British Horror

Dog Soldiers gets an honorable mention here because – while there is no graphic transformation scene – this is probably my favorite werewolf design. That mask! Those leg muscles! This movie is just so damn fun that I felt the need to include it on a werewolf list, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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