Thoughts from the Ledge on horror director Roman Polanski

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Photo Courtesy of Roman Polanski

So, I approached my editor about doing a weekly series on genre appreciation. There are way too many movies, writers, directors and talent that are unsung heroes. This is my way of giving back. This week’s topic of discussion is Roman Polanski.

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Isn’t He the Guy That……?

When most people think about the films of Roman Polanski they immediately turn to his more dramatic endeavors such as Chinatown or the Pianist. However, believe it or not, he has solid roots in the horror genre!

Perhaps why Polanski is so adept at channeling the darker side of life is that his formative years were marred by tragedy. His mother was killed at Auschwitz and his father was also incarcerated in a concentration camp.

Unfortunately for Roman, his adult life wasn’t that idyllic either. His wife, the actress Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson family along with their unborn child. Not to mention his legal troubles in the 70s that pursued him into the current decade. No wonder he is able to conjure up terrifying situations that captivate movie audiences.

I would like to focus on five of his films that have cemented him as a member of the horror community. The first one I would like to take a look at is Repulsion made in 1965.