Thoughts from the Ledge on horror director Roman Polanski

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Fearless Vampire Killers Courtesy of Cadre Films, Filmways Pictures

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

This film is a pure horror comedy. If it were to be remade today, one could almost see it being a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost collaboration!  It also happens to be the vehicle in which Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski fell in love. Once again, Polanski directs and writes the screenplay with his partner, Gerard Brach. He also is acting in the movie as well.

A retelling of the classic Dracula story, a professor and his assistant Albert (Polanski) are vamp hunting in eastern Europe. Albert happens to meet Sarah (Tate) a beautiful young lass. Before he can declare his feelings for her, she is kidnapped by Count von Krolock.

Albert and the professor locate Krolock’s castle and they are given lodging for the night. Krolock doesn’t happen to mention that a party is occurring the very next day where people will be looking to drink their blood.

In a mishap, Albert and the professor lose their garlic and crucifix so it would appear that they are out of options before they even begin. They end up spending the night again.

Through a series of misadventures, Albert and the professor manage to rescue Sarah. Unfortunately for them, she has become a vampire. In the end, she bites both Albert and the professor. Talk about bad luck!

As a director, Polanski elicits a captivating performance from Tate. The ending may not be the typical good always triumphs over evil message.  However, it is darkly humorous and befits a tongue-in-cheek effort like this particular film.