Thoughts from the Ledge on horror director Roman Polanski

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The Ninth Gate Courtesy of Artisan Entertainment, R.P. Productions, Orly Films

The Ninth Gate (1999)

Let’s talk about star power. This film boasts Johnny Depp before he became a parody of himself, Lena Olin and Dracula heartthrob, Frank Langella. Depp plays an expert on rare books who is hired by Langella to authenticate The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows.

Supposedly the tome was written by the devil along with a mortal. Depp’s character sets out to find the real book. Of course, in true Polanski fashion there is tension, paranoia and dark encounters with the supernatural.

While the pacing of this movie is rather slow, the payoff is worth the journey. Frank Langella’s performance alone is worth sticking it out.  He oozes wickedness from every pore.

Mad Genius

With a career as vast as Polanski’s there are so many films worthy of mention that I chose to keep the list to just five. I sincerely believe that his work ranks right up there with Hitchcock, Argento and other masters of the horror genre.

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Have you seen any of Polanski’s horror films? Which ones did you enjoy? If not, which of these films would you like to see and why? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.