Twin Peaks – The Return: Watch and Listen Laura is the one

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Twin Peaks – The Return is the most anticipated television event of 2017. Of course, being a huge admirer of David Lynch’s work, I jumped at the chance to cover this series for 1428 Elm. So, meet me at the Double R every week for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Tonight’s episode deals with violence and sex. There is an undercurrent of viciousness flowing through everyone’s veins along with the faint scent of animal attraction. Maybe the Log Lady is asking the right question, “What will be in the darkness that remains?”

Frank Booth Jr?

The very first time I set eyes on the character of Richard Horne, I was immediately struck by Eamon Farren’s resemblance to Dennis Hopper.  Then when I saw him in action, I found myself thinking, “this is like watching Frank Booth, Jr.”

Richard Horne has murder on his mind. He visits the home of Miriam Sullivan (Sarah Jean Long). She informs him that she has mailed a letter to Sheriff Truman detailing his involvement in the hit and run death of the little boy. This incenses Richard who barges into her trailer and smacks her around.

Once the screaming stops, a bad feeling lingers in the air. Not to mention the fact, that Miriam is lying face down in a pool of her own blood. We also find out via a phone call that despicable Deputy Chad is somehow involved with this miscreant. He agrees to intercept the letter intended for Truman.

Violence in the Air

Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton), the manager of the Fat Trout Trailer Park is sitting in his driveway, strumming his guitar and singing, “Red River Valley.” Across the street, a coffee mug goes flying out the window landing on the Burnett’s front lawn.

There is some guttural growling and yelling inside. Steven (Caleb Landry Jones) is in a drug fueled haze. Looking crazed and acting violent, he is smacking around his wife, Becky (Amanda Seyfried). She tries to fend off his blows. Finally, he yells at her, “I know what you did!”

Something is amiss in Twin Peaks. An ill wind is blowing through this town. Leaving me to wonder if these random incidents are actually harbingers of something far more terrifying to come?

That Annoying Fly

Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) is working in his living room. The three pseudo Playboy bunnies are milling around. What exactly is their purpose? A fly is vexing Candie (Amy Shiels). She is wandering around the living room trying to kill it.

Like an accident waiting to happen, the fly finally stops its incessant buzzing and lands on Rodney. Without thinking, Candie picks up the remote for the television and whacks him solidly across the face. The screaming and crying starts as poor Rodney tries to figure out what the hell happened.

Bradley Mitchum (James Belushi) comes running out of another room to see what all the ruckus is about. He finds his brother with a nasty cut on the side of his face and Candie sobbing hysterically.

Doctor Love

Dougie/Coop is being examined by Dr. Ben (John Billingsley). He is standing there shirtless and looking very buff and cut for a man in his fifties. Janey-E is going on and on about his issues. When Dr. Ben mentions his weight loss all of a sudden, she realizes how good he looks.

The light bulb comes on and you can see a lustful glow in her eyes. Yes, Janey-E has the hots for her man.