Twin Peaks – The Return: Watch and Listen Laura is the one

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Horrible Revelation

Richard is in his car driving down the street when Chad texts him with “done.” Johnny Horne is sitting in a chair, strapped in with a helmet on his head listening to a talking teddy bear saying his name over and over again. When Richard pulls in the driveway, Sylvia Horne (Jan D’Arcy) immediately opens the door to ward him off.

At that moment, Richard ignores her and goes into the house. He demands money from his grandmother. This is a HUGE reveal. Richard is Audrey’s son. Could he possibly be the spawn of BOB? Did Audrey have a liaison with Bad Coop?

Prone to violence, Richard starts strangling Sylvia to obtain the combination for the safe. Johnny tries to help his Mom but only succeeds in tipping over his chair. Fearing for her life, Sylvia gives Johnny the numbers.

He disappears while Sylvia is incapacitated on the floor. When he emerges he has her jewelry, her silver and then he takes her purse. When he leaves the house, he spews such venom at her that you feel the need to take a shower.

The Big Squeeze

Duncan Todd is sitting behind his desk when his assistant Roger enters the office to tell him that Ike the Spike has been apprehended. After this bit of news, Todd calls for Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore). He tells Anthony that he is going to pay a visit to the Mitchum brothers.

Once he meets with them, he will explain that their claim was denied because the fire was deemed arson. Dougie Jones was the one that did that because he has a personal vendetta against them. Todd is hoping that the Mitchums will take care of Dougie. He warns Sinclair that if this plan doesn’t work, then Anthony will have to kill Dougie.

Rosenfield loves Talbot

Gordon and Tammy watch from the doorway of a dining room in an expensive restaurant. Albert is seated at a table chatting with Coroner Talbot! Cole whispers something in Tammy’s ear. They laugh and then head out together.

The Set Up

The Mitchum brothers are watching the monitors at the Silver Mustang Casino when they see Anthony Sinclair appear. Immediately they are annoyed and wondering why he is there. They ask Candie to retrieve him from the lobby.

Candie is spaced out and can’t seem to comprehend the task at hand. After some cajoling, she is sent down to the lobby. The brothers watch as she gesticulates wildly and takes forever bringing Sinclair to the room. Exasperated, Rodney tells the head of security to grab the pair and send them upstairs.

When Sinclair is in the room, he proceeds to tell the brothers that Dougie is the reason why their claim is not getting paid. He tells them that Jones determined their fire to be the work of an arsonist because he has a personal vendetta with them.