Ash vs Evil Dead: The coolest horror show no one is watching?


As fans of Ash vs Evil Dead know, season three has wrapped up production. We have all seen Bruce Campbell’s plot revelation from the Saturn Awards. Speculation is at an all-time high about the fate of this STARZ show.

When will our hero with the chainsaw hand return?

While I do love television, I rarely find time to watch a lot of shows. When I am not writing, I can be found outside doing some sort of activity so there is no time to just relax. That being said, I do make it a point to catch certain series.

Ash vs Evil Dead is one of those programs. An admirer of the film franchise, when I first heard the announcement in 2014 I was thrilled that STARZ was on board for a series. By all accounts, the entire fan base was too.

We’re Waiting

Two years and twenty episodes later, everyone is psyched for season three. The consensus is it is coming but there is no definitive date. Before season one premiered there was an order for season two! That was an awesome show of faith from the network.

In January of last year, STARZ CEO Chris Albrecht praised the show at the TCA winter press tour. TV Series Finale quoted Albrecht as saying, “We’re really excited. I think it’s got the legs of a real series. The storylines and what I’ve seen on paper back that up. We’re on track for another season in 2016.”

If the CEO thinks this has legs, where is the support for season three? In all the articles, I have read on the show, no one has ever mentioned ratings. So, I decided to do some research on that topic.

The Numbers Game

However, what I found wasn’t the droid I was looking for.  The Nielsen ratings seem rather low even for a cable show. The second season premiere was down from the debut in 2015. It could be because the novelty wore off.

Another sobering fact is that overall ratings for season two were down. I do understand that the ratings game is different for every network. What would be an immediate cancelation for NBC might not necessarily spell doom for a series on HBO.

Look, I don’t want to give the impression that I know what is going on over at the network. I have seen chatter on different fan sites and know that there is concern in the air. Which begs the question is fan passion enough to keep AVED going?

Even more troubling, were several tweets by Bruce Campbell that were vague but curious.

Speculation Road

Maybe I am overanalyzing and Campbell is known for his snappy retorts but the overall feeling (and this is pure speculation and not based on ANY insider information) is not warm and fuzzy.

Last year, quite a bit of promotional work was being done. AVED stars were prominent on a few of the large Con rosters. Ash having a daughter is HUGE news and yet no teasers or behind the scenes shorts.

It is already mid July. Normally, the show premieres around Halloween. Shouldn’t something be happening? Interesting and innovative television is hard to find and AVED fits the bill. There is a solid base of hardcore Evil Dead fans out there not just in the US but all over the world!

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Hey Netflix or Hulu!

From what Bruce Campbell has described, season three sounds killer! I want to see what happens to the Ghostbeaters. Not to mention the fact that I am very curious about Ash’s daughter and the backstory on that development. I know there are other viewers out there who feel the same way I do.

I hope this isn’t the end of a terrific show. My fingers are crossed. There are plenty of other networks out there that would make a great home for AVED if it comes down to that. I’m looking at you Netflix and Hulu.

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Are you excited to see season three? Do you think AVED is in the safe zone? Feel free to holler at us in the comment section below. We want to know your thoughts. Also, feel free to holler @STARZ as well!