Charles Manson hates Ted Bundy, calls him a ‘poop butt’


The feud between two of the most notorious murderers in history is just a little more juvenile than you might think that it would be.

Seriously… are these guys serial killers, or angry kindergarteners?

It’s interesting to think about what some of the most infamous murderers of all time might say about one another. Would there automatically be this certain kind of camaraderie between them? I can’t help but wonder if they’d be cheering each other on or if they’d be more competitive, wanting all the glory for themselves.

Well, when you spend far too much of your free time on YouTube, you end up finding the answers to questions like these. I’ve dug up an old news clip featuring an interview with an incarcerated Charles Manson, filmed soon after Ted Bundy’s execution. Curious about Manson’s thoughts on Bundy, he was asked about the serial killer and had this to say about him:

"“Bundy’s a rumpkin. Bundy’s a poop butt. Bundy’s his mama’s boy. Bundy’s out there trying to prove something to his own manhood — that’s got nothin’ to do with me. I don’t roll around with poop people like that.”"

I can’t help but wonder if Manson is cleaning up his language for the sake of the TV cameras, or if he normally talks this way. In any case, it’s funny to think about. I will say that when I first saw Manson being asked his opinion on Ted Bundy, the last thing I would have ever expected him to say was “poop butt”. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

You can watch the clip in the YouTube video below.

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Manson is still currently serving a life sentence at a state prison in California. If you want to send him any letters, feel free — just don’t be comparing him to that poop butt Ted Bundy.