Preacher Feature: On the Road Again – Season Two, Episodes 1-4

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Now that we’ve wrapped up Season One, it’s time to move on to the currently running second season of AMC’s hit show.

Ok Preacher Feature friends, we’re back.

If you missed our Season One recap, check out the link at the bottom of this article. If you’re ready to move ahead, read on!

Season Two, Episode One: On the Road

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road on their search for God. If you were worried that season two would dial down the action, you can set those fears aside. They dive right in to a rowdy car chase almost immediately, set to the cheerful tones of “Come On Eileen”. Tulip is a helluva driver, but it’s hard to flee from the cops when you’re low on gas.

Even though they do end up getting stopped and surrounded by police, don’t forget our Preacher’s handy little Genesis skill. Extremely useful in these situations… until our mysterious cowboy shows up, guns blazing. The trio narrowly escapes after an epic fire fight.

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They move right along to meet Mike, a crotchety religious scholar who was a friend of Jesse’s father. Jesse has been very elusive about his family, and he continues that trend here. Mike advises them to check out a local strip club where the owner supposedly saw God. After Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave, Mike is visited by our trigger-happy cowboy. How is he tracking them down?

There’s a scuffle at the strip club after Cassidy doesn’t understand the “hands off” policy, and in the process the club owner is accidentally shot. Whoops! On her dying breath, she tells Jesse that God wasn’t there for the girls, he was there for the jazz. Which oddly makes sense to me.

The trio finds a hotel where they will crash for the night. Tulip and Jesse have some… interesting foreplay which involves a locked door and a strong motivation to get on the other side. I won’t lie to you, it’s pretty hot. A+, Dominic Cooper.

Our Preacher goes out for a late night stroll and sees the cowboy sauntering down the road. Using Genesis, he commands him to stop. It doesn’t work.

Oh shit.

Season Two, Episode Two: Mumbai Sky Tower

Business cowboy angel Fiore is back! And he’s horribly depressed. After multiple suicide attempts, he just keeps flashing back into existence. I’m a little curious how he’s dealing with the cleanup while in a hotel, but, a little mystery is never a bad thing.

After Fiore tries to kill himself in the middle of a hotel lounge act, he reappears instantly, the crowd goes wild, and a hit show is born. We really get the sense of how hopelessly lost he is without a purpose and without his best friend DeBlanc. He’s just moving mechanically through his existence and it’s actually rather sad.

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Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy rock up to the Mumbai Sky Tower hotel (after narrowly escaping a massacre at their last hotel). They seek out Fiore to try and get more information about the mysterious cowboy, aka the Saint of Killers. Fiore admits that he and DeBlanc hired the Saint of Killers to go after Jesse and Genesis. The Saint is drawn to the use of Genesis, so the more Jesse uses it, the easier he will find them. Fiore refuses to call him off, but Cassidy has a plan.

Lots and lots of drugs. And male bonding. Over lots and lots of drugs.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip decide to give marriage a try. But while they wait to do the deed, Tulip sees someone who recognizes her. She quietly sneaks off, but the large, imposing man finds her. Apparently, Viktor is looking for her. Who’s Viktor? It’s another mystery. After a hotel room brawl – in which Tulip proves she ain’t one to mess with – Cassidy finds her standing over the body of the recently murdered beefcake. Tulip makes Cassidy swear to not tell Jesse before scampering off to call off their wedding.

After Cassidy and Fiore have a wild two hours of drugs and blanket forts, Fiore finally agrees to call off the Saint of Killers. Rejoice! Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy decide to trek to New Orleans because that should really be the first place to search for a jazz-loving rogue deity.

But – betrayal! – Fiore makes his own deal with the Saint of Killers. He’s not going to call him off the hunt, and – still horribly depressed – he asks the Saint to kill him for good. Now there’s no way to go back on their deal.

Oh crap.